At Bolster Solutions, our experienced web designers will understand that every business owner has his typical way of presenting their concepts, ideas, products and services. Accordingly when developing the website we put effort in understanding the client requirement and approach. Our one to one interaction process with our client has always been proven to be best among the process.
Latest web designing technology will be used in our entire process of collecting initial information to final beta release. Our web designers at Bolster Solutions are experienced staff who are very client friendly to talk to and at the same time have enough knowledge in designing a website which is search friendly to navigate around.
Regardless of you want a basic web design or a custom web design to show off your brand image, our website designing process will definitely increase your company’s profile by projecting it in a professional way to the outside world.

Essential Steps involved in our web-design process:

Initial inputs will be taken from our business owners by effective listening.


Our research team them prepares a questionnaire for the client to get his input on the basic requirements.

  Based on the client’s input we design the website while keeping in mind target audience, market and overall uses of the site.
  We develop three or more mock ups and send all these to the specific client for their valued feedback.
  After the client approves the design, we further fine tune it and make it search engine friendly.
  After the final implementation we send the design for approval from the client.
  After the design is approved we implement the final design on the client’s server.
Basics you need to know about your website:
  Main objective - Are you looking your website serve as an online brochure or  would like to sell a product  in online?

budget plan - How much aree you thinking on spending on your website design?

Time Delivery - What is the time frame you are looking at for the completion of the website. we would ask us to provide sufficient  time to do our superlative for making a  better site. It takes time to generate outcome. We do update to you during the website development regularly so that  we can communicate easily. We keep uploading the pages to our web server so that you can suggest changes.
Provide the website names you like - At Bolster Solutions we try to match the taste of the client. So, glance through  the  websites you like and do provide those to  us. It causes to save the time. this way we can design the website as compared  to your likes & taste.
Custom ecommerce software enabled - We expertise in designing various types of shopping carts which are from technically advanced to a user friendly interface.

Search Engines - Web design and website promotion are different  with a separate skills and techniques.

Content -  Content is  the backbone of website. The main thing that  needs to know what to put and what you want to say, how many pages to develop, etc. If you are having any content before please do provide to us ( old brochure, profile, etc.), then it will be useful  to get a brief  idea  to start the website. Before doing  redesign  we have to go through completely to  your present website. We have copywriters who can write the content in a professional way. You can give us the content in a word format and we will make the necessary modifications. 
Maintenance - Huge maintenance  options can be provided. It ranges  from weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  changing the text and graphics in the web page and search engine submissions are included in maintenance. 
Images - Logo, product images in either digital format (jpgs) or photographs (we will scan and optimize the images for the web or recreate the logo) are required. We have professional photographers in case you need to shoot the photos. 
Web page optimization for Search Engine Promotion -  Search engines will easily recognize the page about the we page is laid out in a proper way or not. Navigation, keywords, meta tags, graphics, text, all play important roles to come on top of major search engines. We make page optimization in a scientific way. It was an important tool.
Web server & domain - website needs to be coming from advanced server so that the site comes fast, 24 hours a day and accommodate many visitors. About domain - it is easy to remember and search engine friendly. We will advice you on these matters.